Visiting the Game Executive program at Aalto EE

Today, I had a pleasure to visit Aalto Executive Education ( and their Game Executive ( day. It was the last day of the program and people were of course exited. Walid-Elcheikh and Minna Wikholm have organized a great program for game executives (developers, managers etc.). During the day I had pleasure of hearing the views of Peter Zackariasson from the University of Gothenburg who recently published a book with Routledge on video game marketing. He was giving a speech on game industry marketing and branding. His view on thinking games as services is compelling.

After Peter’s views on marketing we had pleasure of having a presentation by highly talented Tero Kuittinen. He gave eloquent insights into how games should be communicated as part of a bigger commutation plan i.e. how games can improve health problems and more importantly how to link your game launch and game story into a broader frame that builds on some authentic Finnish issue e.g. Kalevala or Sauna.  Tero presented and tied into his presentation excellent example of Ustwo games and their Twitter use.

Today has been really nice experience as I started researching games in early 2006 by looking into how game companies could use advertising or sponsorship deals (advergame) in their games, specifically mobile games. I have been to some extent heavy gamer myself playing first with my cousins Vectrex, then PC, Xbox, Playstation and today in increasing amounts mobile tablet based games (Clash of Clans from get-go to Angry Birds). Still playing the Clash of Clans 🙂   My first academic publication on games appeared in 2007 focusing on the different game business models. Ever since I have been fascinated on the game industry and its developments, teaching it almost annually at my Digital Marketing class.

Today, in Finland with Supercell, Rovio and so many others like Fingersoft it is easy to be into game industry as it is popular area.

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