October visit to University of Oulu

Visited Oulu Business School (October 6th and 7th) to catch up with the doctoral students  as well as to see the seminar presentation of doctoral student Teck Ming Tan (pic below on the right side) whom I am supervising.  He received excellent comments from the audience as well as the two official opponents (Dr. Satu Nätti and Dr. Saila Saraniemi) who were asking the tough questions.


It is always admiring to see how well the doc students are performing. In Finland, we have system to evaluate research output nicknamed (Jufo, https://www.tsv.fi/julkaisufoorumi/haku.php?lang=en). First level is basic international publication while second level is good international publication while level 3 is the most appreciated level. Most students are not expected to publish their research results at the level 3 but it is really nice to see them do so before graduation.

In addition, to thesis supervision, I managed to chat with my colleagues. Future seems to bring in data science, analytics and behavioral data at individual level. Hopefully, we are able to find interesting research questions and results and eventually publish those in Jufo 3 level or in the prestigious FT50 journals. At least now we are more ambitious than when I was doc student.

Besides, business it is always pleasure to visit hometown Oulu and of course spend some family time.

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