10 years of Volunta’s

Our student union (marketing students) had their 10 year celebration at Helsinki last Friday. Starting at 6pm close to 100 students, so almost all of the students, participated the celebration. We started with very traditional speeches (two speeches from the faculty) and drinks and group singing (these are popular among student union parties) with drinks as well. Party was professionally organized as we had many breaks during the singing and after all main course and desert.

After 20 or so songs almost everybody was ready for the live music. The band was playing music that the relatively young audience wanted to hear and clearly it was a success. I enjoyed the celebrations and luckily I wasn’t the oldest in the bunch 🙂

Many of the students were worried what is going to happen with marketing when we at the University of Helsinki merge different bachelor and master level programs. It is clear that marketing as its own discipline will not exist anymore. It will be part of the food smth smth bachelor and master programs.

Before 12pm it was time to start closing the party and majority continued to after party and also the traditional morning party after the after party was in schedule for most of the students. As students have more energy than me I decided to head home. Perhaps, I should have taken the Redbull after all.

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