#slush16 Wednesday 30.11.2016

Visually the Slush event is appealing to younger or hipster generation with deep base sounds, lively colors in their lightning and of course  in black or dark background. Most of the stages and areas are covered with foggy atmosphere to highlight the  perhaps to some extent mystic experience, similar to Tomorrowland or similar events. Below some vibes from the Wednesday.


Those who are into mobile games and Clash of Clans or Hay Day might recognize the guy from this picture CEO Ilkka Paanenen from Supercell. He was in Slush fireplace discussion giving his views on some of the failures and what he has learnt from those at Sumea and Supercell. Others at the fireplace discussion highlighted the fact that failing cheaply and fast is always on option but many entrepreneurs hate failing.


It was pleasure to notice that Nokia Ozo and Nokia Ozolive were utilized in the Slush event.


And below a picture of Ozolive, i.e. wide angle view of the live talks during the Slush event.


In addition to technology focused companies I also noticed that many food industry companies were presented at the Slush. I enjoyed my liquid smoothie lunch bought from Ambronite shop.


After and during the lunch at the Engine Room  I was inspired by the presentation of Twodads Finnish based company who focus on wholesome and natural food for kids. In many families children are eating sugary juices and drinks in addition to other unhealthy eating habits which has lead to increased obesity among young and youngsters.

To summarize, the event was beneficial for me and many others of course downside is that there are a lot of people and lots of background noise but luckily the quite booths help you to have some minutes of freedom from the noise. And if you look at the world scale with events of 50.000 or so participants Slush is still okay. I met many of my colleagues from different universities but also those students and ex-students who now work in different industries, or have established companies or who are even speaking at the Slush after founding a successful company. Good luck to you all, you have earned that with your hard work. Tomorrow is a new day at Slush, lets see what happens tomorrow.

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