Thursday at #slush16

Thursday was as hectic as Wednesday and more than 17.000 people at best participated Slush. As always in big events toilets and restaurants were full of people and many people were saying that the event is getting too big for the venue. Well, there are bigger events and most of the queues were formed as people were waiting for free coffee, water, candy or ukuleles.

One of the speeches that I was waiting was the internet of things (IoT). Instead of deep discussion we had Elisa company presenting  winners of ElisaElisa Innovation Challenge 2016 highlights. 6 or so companies/ start-ups in two tracks namely smart home concept of Elisa and more B2B orientated IoT track presented their ideas while Elisa had selected the winners and best ones from about 100 concepts.


Smart home concept had smart butler service called Alfred, smart home security device by Minut and Lukoton smart locking company with remote door opening, controlling and close door opening wit your smart phone if your hands are full of e.g. groceries. Lukoton can be integrated with Elisa Vahti Live so you can see what happening inside your house.  Lukoton was awarded as the best smart come innovation.


For the IoT track they had three finalists MeOn, Spectral Engines and Taival by Emergence.


MeOn is doing monitoring of machines by vibration and machine learning algorithms. while Spectral Engines identifies the fibers and other materials from spectrum of light. MeOn can be used in any machines to predict breakdown and possible failures and have really easy installation while Spectrum can be used e.g. food production – internet of farming.


Taival by Emergence provides location based services to locate e.g. company movable assets and in Finland they have piloted to identify the movement and locations of buoys – ocean markers for boats and cruise ships. Ocean freight or land cargo can also be located and managed. What is different is that batter life is 10 times better, it is 10 times cheaper and it is provided as SaaS if I recall correctly.  The winner team Taival by Emergence celebrating their victory. Congratulations to all teams and winners as well.

Besides, IoT and smart home there were plenty of presentations on games, branding and machine learning. Over the course of #slush16 I can say that I learned a lot of practical issues, how to pitch and how to present interestingly – really simple issues and most importantly I had good ideas for research or call for papers that would be of interest to some of the academic journal.  Slush was great experience.

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