Digital Transformation in the Food Industry

It has been long time since my last post. We have been busy with structural changes at the University of Helsinki. Additionally, I have been involved in running up an EU project with my colleagues from Aalto. Deadline for submission is next week. We have also received all of the over 40 submissions to our special issue “Dark side of social media” that we are editing for the Internet Research.

April 13th I had a presentation at out Viikki Food Science seminar. I presented my ideas on the Digital Transformation in the Food Industry. You can find the presentation from my Slideshare account. The key idea is that the three core process are transformed though digitalization. Digitalization or digitization is not specific to the food industry but all industries are impacted. Some more than the others. I have been teaching this at Helsinki School of Economics and other universities since 2009. It seems that the topic is becoming more popular. Soon I will hopefully post about our new publication that was accepted to Industrial Marketing Management.


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