Branding in the truck industry – product irreplaceability

Our 2016 research article “Brand and product attachment in an industrial context: The effects on brand loyalty” has been out via Industrial Marketing Management journal (IMM) for a year now and has been cited 15 times.

Together with my colleagues Dr. Giuseppe Pedeliento, Dr. Daniela Andreini and Dr. Mara Bergamaschi we focused our research efforts to truck purchasing and especially how owner-operators are purchasing heavy trucks and if attachment to trucks influences purchasing process. Survey research design, with 317 owner-operators of heavy  trucks, was adopted and process was led by Dr. Pedeliento and Andreini.

As a result we show that attachment to products also industrial markets is phenomenon that managers and scientist should be aware. We showed that product irreplaceability , i.e. feeling that e.g. Scania truck cannot be replaced by e.g. Volvo, was found to be a direct driver of brand loyalty. This research continues the attachment research and truck industry context that has been interest especially for Dr. Pedeliento since his Ph.D on the same topic.

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