Holiday trip to Tel-Aviv

In early May I was able to fit in my schedule four day trip to Tel-Aviv. When the temperature is close to 0 Celsius in Finland it is good time to travel. I try to pick countries and places that I have not visited before and Israel is one of those places. Now I can say that Tel-Aviv is beautiful place to visit with sandy white beaches. During the first day I walked from the North end of the beaches to the Old Jaffa – Old Town.

Old Jaffa

Besides seeing and experiencing the Old town also one of the oldest operating harbors in the world is place to visit while in Old town.

Of course you have some areas around the beaches that are less developed but overall I felt that Tel-Aviv was worth visiting. Usually I have lots of activities and I have full agenda for each day but I decided that I will not take the bus to Jerusalem even though it is close by.

View of the city Tel Aviv

From the Old town you will have beautiful view of the city. While in the airport I had discussion with UK based sales / dental expert who recommend the bus tour around the holy places. This will be in my agenda next time in Tel-Aviv. And of course a trip to the Dead Sea.

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