Wharton Baker Retailing Center, MSI and AMA CB-SIG conference

In June 22-23 2017 I had real pleasure to visit Philadelphia again. Well last visit was about 10 years ago 🙂

I attended the Wharton Baker Retail Center , MSI and AMA CB-SIG conference “Consumer Response to the Evolving Retailing Landscape”. During the two days we all presented papers on the topic and after revising the papers we submit the papers to Journal of the Association of Consumer Research special issue on the topic.

Our paper had really nice comments from Professor Barbara Kahn from Wharton School who is also one of the special issue editors and Professor Venky Shankar among others. The comments received will improve our paper on the online social shopping in the context of food recipes and grocery shopping/purchasing.

Jari Wharton Baker Retail MSI AMA CB-SIG

Thank you Dean & Prof.  Vivek Renga for taking the picture 🙂

I also met some really appreciated academics that are stars in their fields. It is inspiring to attend some of the conferences. We definitively keep on working with the ideas we had during the conference. What was also really interesting is that we also had two Wharton alumnus and others presenting who have developed multi-million dollar businesses in matter of some years.

Warby Parker company was among the three presenting their inspiring stories. Based on my interpretation the business model was originally similar to Michael Dells, Dell – direct to customer but then they moved also from online to bricks like Amazon. It was success with the clean and crisp stores. Besides the 99 dollar price they offer compelling customer experience through the customer journey. Really liked the idea. Cool company.

Besides enjoying the academic experience I also had time to revisit Liberty Bell and other bells and whistles in the Philadelphia or Philly as they love to call the city.

Philly city from Wharton

Here is the link for the presentation

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