Bucharest-Constanta-Varna road trip

I had pleasure of visiting Romania again and this time for holiday purposes. Last week I traveled with Blue Air from Helsinki to Bucharest. Overall, the service provided was polite and correct. Of course noways you have to pay for everything which is okay when you know it. I rented a car for week (105€ for Ford Focus) from Bucharest and drove to Constanta next day. When renting inform rental company before hand that you if you will go to other country like Bulgaria. They had paper works ready which was nice and I paid about 12 euros per day extra when not in Romania.Β  Constanta is old city with lots of activities for younger and older. Below a picture from the city beach area. Definitively worth visiting if in Black Sea area.



After two days in Constanta I continued to Varna. Traffic is similar to any other country as you have those that drive well, those that speed and those that drive too slow πŸ™‚ I was warned that road conditions are bad but in many cases they were better than in Finland. some potholes yes, so drive carefully in areas were you see them, but between bigger citiesΒ  2 lane motorway while in Finland we have usually one lane outside big cities. Of course, all the small roads even in country side have asphalt and beautiful road lights so you can drive in dark (some might do so it is safe) so that’s were the money goes πŸ™‚

There is border crossing in Durankulak. I had my passport and car documents ready and so did the others and in 10-15 minutes I crossed the border. Overall, nice experience and fast πŸ™‚

After crossing boarder and driving for while I drove down from the main street and landed to this nice place of Sea Paradise with White beach πŸ™‚


I stayed in the Varna close by (8km or so) beach resort of St. Constantine and Helena for 4 days. Lots of local families having their holidays but also tourists from other countries. Besides the beach resort, city of Varna has lots of things to see and places to visit.


Already planning the next trip πŸ™‚

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