First national TV-interview on the game industry :)

Yesterday was preparing my lecture and speeches for next week’s executive education events. As I started my preparation I was halfway through my work when mobile phone rang around 1pm.

It was business reported from YLE our national broadcasting company equivalent to BBC in the UK. He asked if I could give my views on the current state and future of the game industry in Finland on live national TV on 6pm news and if I could come to studios around 5pm. I agreed to do the interview.

One of the reasons to discuss this topic is that on 1.1.2017 Finnish tax official’s release information on previous fiscal year. It means in practice that individual’s tax information is public for anyone to examine and of course on the official tax day – media goes “crazy”.  For example in the South Africa SARS doesn’t release tax information – well this is actually really rare case, kind of Finnish oddity. As it was predicted there were several individuals from the Finnish game companies e.g. Supercell on the top – yearning millions of euros.  Well they have deserved the money and are doing good unlike some other tax payers or should we said those who avoid taxes.

Later, the business reporter from YLE called again and wanted to do quick interview later during the day for 4 pm national radio news of YLE. I agreed to do the interview. As I was wrapping up my day around 3pm to prepare for the TV-interview and I was driving to home the reporter called when I was driving the car and I performed the radio interview while driving in the Finnish rush hour (read nothing like traffic on Delhi or LA). It was fun and thankfully we have nowadays hands-fee mobile phones.

Few minutes after I arrived to my house, prepared some notes and of I went to the national broadcasting company YLE studio. I had two of the themes given beforehand and rest of the 3-4 were invented on the go just before the show.  Overall, it was fun but to some extent nerve-racking situation but I survived.  Below is the TV clip, only in Finnish sorry =) , interview starts 4.28 or so. I tried to focus on the game industry as broadly as possible and not to talk about my Clash of Clans, Battle Bay or Hill Climb Racing scores or strategies employed 😉


Main point is that game industry is growing in Finland and doing great although it relies still on only hand full of companies doing great but in the future I hope that number of companies excelling at the highest level would be mushrooming and current ones could balance their product portfolio.

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