Singapore-Perth-Kuala Lumpur

Early April 2018 I was visiting my colleagues a the Edith Cowan University in Perth. We had really nice discussions about AACSB-accreditation and more broadly on research. With my colleagues we also advanced one of our research project on the Twitter use in the industrial markets. As I have visited Perth close to 10 times now I did not take any photographs.

This picture is from Singapore as many will notice. It is from the Marina Bay area. I enjoyed the cleanliness and modern architecture.


Enjoyed also a half night in club Zouk which is ranked as one of the best in Asia and. Zedd had a gig there and played his hits including Clarity.

From the Singapore I took a luxury bus to Kuala Lumpur and back. Buses are actually really nice if you have new and bigger ones. I was in one seat (with massage etc functions) at the front with 3-4 meters to a next person.  Air-conditioned, toilet and of course meal and hot drinks included. Below the necessary picture from KL. In both cities I enjoyed the parks, old towns, China towns and other attractions.



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