Rimini-Bologna-San Marino

During summer holiday in Italy between July 18-25 I had please of vising Rimini, Bologna and San Marino. Rimini is famous for the long beach they have and I have to admit it is really beautiful and lots of families around Europe and elsewhere get together  there during each summer. If you also like history old town has some real Roman history like the Arch of Augustus.


It used to be more decorative but wars and wearing and tearing has influenced the arch.

I have been planning to go to Pisa and see the leaning tower of Pisa but I have not yet managed that due to various reasons. Well I  was surprised in our day trip to Bologna.

In addition to witnessing the leaning tower of Bologna I visited the old town areas and the university campus (those who have studied at university in Europe know that we have a Bologna agreement or Bologna Process so I was curious to see were this was agreed).



When your trip was closing to an end we had another day trip near and in San Marino.

San Marino.JPG


Visiting San Leo and San Marino. Half day was not enough to full capture the beauty of San Marino as there is a lot of elevation, parking is a bit difficult and the crowds as well. Overall, really lovely experience. And rent a car to see all the lovely places. Nothing to be afraid of. Better roads than in Finland 🙂


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