Visiting professor trip to Italy, Bergamo October 22 to November 5

I had pleasure to be invited as a visiting professor to University of Bergamo by Associate Professor Daniela Andreini. My visit lasted from October 22 to November of 5th. During that time I was teaching Marketing Management at the Knowledge and Marketing Management program. Over the course students reflected on Marketing Management challenges and opportunities in different home countries of the 11 groups of 6 or so students. Our lectures during the weeks focused on traditional marketing management issues but also the core processes of marketing (Srivastava et al. 1999) i.e. Customer Relationship Management (we called it Customer Experience Management), Product Development Management (we called it Innovation) and Supply Chain Management. During the first week there was also students graduation parties.


During the first week we had the traditional dinner at the Citta Alta. Below is a picture from the  city of Bergamo towards the Citta Alta, which is now Unesco heritage site.

Citta Alta

Between lectures I had also pleasure of having tours around Bergamo. About a decade ago we were visiting Milan and I remember that we took a train to Lake Come and toured a lake. Now I took a car from Bergamo and besides having lunch at the Lake Come I also toured around the lake a bit. Below a picture of Villa Olmo from the opposite side of the lake.


In addition to Lake Como I visited the  Lake Carda. Now I also know where the Finnish whooper swans go before the harsh before winter.


This time I did not manage to visit Venice but as we visited that 4-5 years ago it did not matter instead I took the motorway to Verona which is new place for me. Verona has similar Amphitheatre but smaller compared to The Colosseum in Rome.


During the second week I had about 50 minutes train ride to Milano and toured the city for a day. As we have visited Milan several times I tried to fine new places such as this gate – Porta Ticinese.


We had preliminary talks to visit Bergamo again and now in my list is also the Bergamasque Alps and the coastal city of Bari.


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