Kiev, Uman and Odessa – March 2019

During March of 2019 I had my first trip to Ukraine. I landed Kiev and Boryspil Airport. Surprisingly, I found that there is about 2 euro train connection to the city center. Train is small, but enough.

Kiova center

There is a lot to see in Kiev from museums to monuments and of course shopping. Found a shopping paradise called Gulliver which is similar to Finnish company Stockmann or French Galeries Lafayette Hausmann.

I continued by trip towards Odessa by staying one night in Uman. Uman is rather small city but managed to find a new color, baby blue, to my collection of churches.

Uman blue chrurch

Continued after one night from Uman to Odessa. Odessa is old city with lots of things to see and do.

Odessa Green Building

And most importantly it is also so called friend city of Oulu where I was born. Within city there are lots of old buildings (Opera below), museums and of course shopping possibilities.

Odessa Opera Teather

Odessa old2

I also managed to find two new colors for my church collection. Yellow one might be from Kiev.

Odessa light green church

Yellow church

Opposite to a nice Italian restaurant called Tavernetta I found this street art / car. Headlights facing Tavernetta so owners have done their marketing correctly 🙂

Odessa street art

Even tough there are pictures of old churches I rarely go inside one, rather I would go to fortress like one below called Akkerman fortress.This fortress is about 1h40 min drive from Odessa. If you drive like locals maybe 1h10 min 🙂

Akkerman fortress

Picture is from inside fortress facing the ruins of old buildings.  Here you can find the most common pictures of the old fortress – Discover Ukraine.

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