Never rent from Europcar – overbooking, extra charges

I had really bad experience with Europcar. For the past ten years I have been active customer of Europcar and they are not the cheapest. I have rented from the in US, Australia, NZAsia and Europe. I was planning to have holiday in Albania and I had booked hotels for one week trip. I landed TivatMontenegro and I had booked rental car from the airport Tivat, location of the Europcar. Booking was done in January. I actually called them to ask if I have a car and that I could drive it to Albania. Everything was told to be ok.

Then when I landed in late April sales person responsible for the location said that they do not have a car for me. And that same holds for many people in the line behind me. I was really surprised and furious.

They have overbooked and that is their practice in the Tivat location as well as in the rest of the country. They also charge 7 euro or smth for car cleaning i.e. you pay that in front or you will clean the car and wash the car yourself somewhere before returning.First time that this happens with Europcar. Perhaps next time I have to pay 7 euro that car tires have air.

Well, then sales person said they might have a car (I assume that he just wanted get me out of the line and serve others) and I waited for 45 minutes but they did not have a car. They tried to call other rental operators but I knew from my phone calls in January that they do not rent a car to be taken to Albania.

After not getting my car I was really upset. Only option left was to cancel the hotels in Albania and try to look for free one in Tivat. After some 20-30 minutes browsing I found one hotel in Tivat  which was of course 3 times more expensive than the one I had in Albania. Of course I had to order a taxi to take me to Tivat  as well. Overall, I had to pay 500-600 euros more for holiday that I did not want to have in Tivat . So lesson to all of you, you should never rent a car from Europcar as so many of us had really bad experience with Europcar.

So if you are going for holiday in  Andorra, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, FranceDenmark, Finland, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, NZ, Portugal, Spain, Ceuta & Melilla, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and US I would strongly recommend not to rent from the Europcar. Negative experiences and all the bad reviews will strongly advice not to rent from Europcar.


And I was asked to file a customer service complaint, which I did for the headquarters and Montenegro regional office. After one month reply was “they are sorry about this” but I will not be compensated in anyway. So do not rent from Europcar.


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