Research trip to down under Melbourne (Nov 27th – Dec 15th)

We had annual Australian and New Zealand marketing academy (ANZMAC) conference in Melbourne, hosted by RMIT university, famous for Wau architecture. During the days from Dec 4th to 6th I had enormous pleasure to meet so many enthusiastic academics. As both both business to business marketing / industrial marketing and digital marketing tracks had lots of pertinent presentations I had to hop on and off between the two tracks.


Just prior to the conference and after I was also visiting the University of Melbourne, marketing group. Dr. Ilkka Ojansivu gave us tour around the campus. I presented my famous digital marketing framework.


Facuylty of design has lovely building, mixing new and old.

University House


We had lunch at the University House, professors only, others with guests 🙂 which  is situated at the  top of Professor’s Walk. Really enjoyable place and behind the building is lovely terrace area. Average age well… was quite high. After lunch we headed to suburb of Fitzroy which is similar area to Kallio in Finland.

Fitzroy is lively place with lots of restaurants, coffee places and pubs with stunningly beautiful views of CBD of Melbourne.




I also had pleasure of visiting St. Kilda beach as well as the Shrine of remembrance.

Shrine of remembrance.

It was my fourth or fifth trip to Melbourne, first one in 2002, and you always find some new stuff which is exiting.


Visiting Seinäjoki, Turku and Mikkeli

I had pleasure of visiting the Ruralia-Institute of in Seinäjoki. In addition to visiting the Institute I also had half-day seminar – coaching of the Atria employees and trainees on managing digital marketing. Roughly 10 people participated the coaching and I was lucky to have really great group of enthusiastic people. Number of the students had insightful questions and it is visible that they are experts on the topics related to Atria. Day ended a bit too soon but it was fun.

During the same week on Wednesday 8.11.2017 and 10.11.2017 in Turku and Mikkeli. Both events were organized Aalto University Pro FEC program and overall theme was Digital Marketing. Altogether 30-40 managers participated the events. In all of the events we covered basics of digital marketing but also social media, digital marketing and digital analytics.

First national TV-interview on the game industry :)

Yesterday was preparing my lecture and speeches for next week’s executive education events. As I started my preparation I was halfway through my work when mobile phone rang around 1pm.

It was business reported from YLE our national broadcasting company equivalent to BBC in the UK. He asked if I could give my views on the current state and future of the game industry in Finland on live national TV on 6pm news and if I could come to studios around 5pm. I agreed to do the interview.

One of the reasons to discuss this topic is that on 1.1.2017 Finnish tax official’s release information on previous fiscal year. It means in practice that individual’s tax information is public for anyone to examine and of course on the official tax day – media goes “crazy”.  For example in the South Africa SARS doesn’t release tax information – well this is actually really rare case, kind of Finnish oddity. As it was predicted there were several individuals from the Finnish game companies e.g. Supercell on the top – yearning millions of euros.  Well they have deserved the money and are doing good unlike some other tax payers or should we said those who avoid taxes.

Later, the business reporter from YLE called again and wanted to do quick interview later during the day for 4 pm national radio news of YLE. I agreed to do the interview. As I was wrapping up my day around 3pm to prepare for the TV-interview and I was driving to home the reporter called when I was driving the car and I performed the radio interview while driving in the Finnish rush hour (read nothing like traffic on Delhi or LA). It was fun and thankfully we have nowadays hands-fee mobile phones.

Few minutes after I arrived to my house, prepared some notes and of I went to the national broadcasting company YLE studio. I had two of the themes given beforehand and rest of the 3-4 were invented on the go just before the show.  Overall, it was fun but to some extent nerve-racking situation but I survived.  Below is the TV clip, only in Finnish sorry =) , interview starts 4.28 or so. I tried to focus on the game industry as broadly as possible and not to talk about my Clash of Clans, Battle Bay or Hill Climb Racing scores or strategies employed 😉


Main point is that game industry is growing in Finland and doing great although it relies still on only hand full of companies doing great but in the future I hope that number of companies excelling at the highest level would be mushrooming and current ones could balance their product portfolio.

Machine to Machine internet call for papers

I would like to draw your attention to following call for papers. If you have research interest in machine to machine industrial internet or so called IoT in industrial context this would be excellent opportunity. Please consider submitting papers to the special issue that I am editing. Below is the link



Photo from Shutterstock

Bucharest-Constanta-Varna road trip

I had pleasure of visiting Romania again and this time for holiday purposes. Last week I traveled with Blue Air from Helsinki to Bucharest. Overall, the service provided was polite and correct. Of course noways you have to pay for everything which is okay when you know it. I rented a car for week (105€ for Ford Focus) from Bucharest and drove to Constanta next day. When renting inform rental company before hand that you if you will go to other country like Bulgaria. They had paper works ready which was nice and I paid about 12 euros per day extra when not in Romania.  Constanta is old city with lots of activities for younger and older. Below a picture from the city beach area. Definitively worth visiting if in Black Sea area.



After two days in Constanta I continued to Varna. Traffic is similar to any other country as you have those that drive well, those that speed and those that drive too slow 🙂 I was warned that road conditions are bad but in many cases they were better than in Finland. some potholes yes, so drive carefully in areas were you see them, but between bigger cities  2 lane motorway while in Finland we have usually one lane outside big cities. Of course, all the small roads even in country side have asphalt and beautiful road lights so you can drive in dark (some might do so it is safe) so that’s were the money goes 🙂

There is border crossing in Durankulak. I had my passport and car documents ready and so did the others and in 10-15 minutes I crossed the border. Overall, nice experience and fast 🙂

After crossing boarder and driving for while I drove down from the main street and landed to this nice place of Sea Paradise with White beach 🙂


I stayed in the Varna close by (8km or so) beach resort of St. Constantine and Helena for 4 days. Lots of local families having their holidays but also tourists from other countries. Besides the beach resort, city of Varna has lots of things to see and places to visit.


Already planning the next trip 🙂

B2B Social media review paper is out…

For a year or so I have been collecting and reading B2B / Industrial markets related social media papers that are published in top outlets. After the identification process I started more systematic analysis of what has actually been published on the topic ? and what do we know about the topic?

After this I started to wonder what lies ahead ? What the future could be ? Outcome is the now published in Industrial Marketing Management (article in press form). Especially academics that are focusing their research efforts to the topic might benefit from this news 🙂 Lets keep on researching 🙂


Wharton Baker Retailing Center, MSI and AMA CB-SIG conference

In June 22-23 2017 I had real pleasure to visit Philadelphia again. Well last visit was about 10 years ago 🙂

I attended the Wharton Baker Retail Center , MSI and AMA CB-SIG conference “Consumer Response to the Evolving Retailing Landscape”. During the two days we all presented papers on the topic and after revising the papers we submit the papers to Journal of the Association of Consumer Research special issue on the topic.

Our paper had really nice comments from Professor Barbara Kahn from Wharton School who is also one of the special issue editors and Professor Venky Shankar among others. The comments received will improve our paper on the online social shopping in the context of food recipes and grocery shopping/purchasing.

Jari Wharton Baker Retail MSI AMA CB-SIG

Thank you Dean & Prof.  Vivek Renga for taking the picture 🙂

I also met some really appreciated academics that are stars in their fields. It is inspiring to attend some of the conferences. We definitively keep on working with the ideas we had during the conference. What was also really interesting is that we also had two Wharton alumnus and others presenting who have developed multi-million dollar businesses in matter of some years.

Warby Parker company was among the three presenting their inspiring stories. Based on my interpretation the business model was originally similar to Michael Dells, Dell – direct to customer but then they moved also from online to bricks like Amazon. It was success with the clean and crisp stores. Besides the 99 dollar price they offer compelling customer experience through the customer journey. Really liked the idea. Cool company.

Besides enjoying the academic experience I also had time to revisit Liberty Bell and other bells and whistles in the Philadelphia or Philly as they love to call the city.

Philly city from Wharton

Here is the link for the presentation

Holiday trip to Tel-Aviv

In early May I was able to fit in my schedule four day trip to Tel-Aviv. When the temperature is close to 0 Celsius in Finland it is good time to travel. I try to pick countries and places that I have not visited before and Israel is one of those places. Now I can say that Tel-Aviv is beautiful place to visit with sandy white beaches. During the first day I walked from the North end of the beaches to the Old Jaffa – Old Town.

Old Jaffa

Besides seeing and experiencing the Old town also one of the oldest operating harbors in the world is place to visit while in Old town.

Of course you have some areas around the beaches that are less developed but overall I felt that Tel-Aviv was worth visiting. Usually I have lots of activities and I have full agenda for each day but I decided that I will not take the bus to Jerusalem even though it is close by.

View of the city Tel Aviv

From the Old town you will have beautiful view of the city. While in the airport I had discussion with UK based sales / dental expert who recommend the bus tour around the holy places. This will be in my agenda next time in Tel-Aviv. And of course a trip to the Dead Sea.